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» Introduction To Your Pension Plan «
This website and electronic booklet describes the Pension Plan provided by the Indiana Laborers Pension Fund.

As an active Plan participant, you build pension benefits over your working career. The Plan is funded by contributions from participating employers. When you retire, you receive a monthly benefit for life based on those contributions and the applicable Plan formula. The Plan provides early and normal retirement benefits. There are also provisions for death and disability benefits if you meet certain requirements.

The Plan covers persons who work for a participating employer under a collective bargaining agreement negotiated by the Laborers International Union of North America, State of Indiana District Council .

The Plan is maintained and administered by a Board of Trustees on which labor and management are equally represented. A list of the trustees is in the "Board of Trustees" section of this website, as well as in the "Administrative Information" section towards the end of the booklet.

This web site and booklet describes and summarizes, in laymanís language, the legal documents that govern the Plan. If anything has been left out, the legal documents will rule.

After review of the website, Booklet of Benefits & FAQ's, please forward additional questions via email or letter so we can truly understand how our plan addresses your issues. Send to (413 Swan Terre Haute, IN 47807) or email address (

If you have any questions after reading this website and/or booklet, you may call the Pension Fund Office at 1-812-238-2551, or at our toll-free number 1-800-962-3158, or send an email to